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New to riding in a group?

Group riding is sociable, and will bring you on as a rider. Where possible we ride in twos - it's good for the conversation, but single out where traffic conditions necessitate this.

Also, group riding gives you the opportunity to ride to new places without having to worry about how to get there and back. This is because every ride has members who know the Peak District - "like the back of their hand".

What to bring on a ride?

Tool kit: Please bring a spare inner tube, tyre levers, a pump and a multi tool. These can be carried in jersey pockets or in a small saddle bag, usually attached under your saddle.

Food: depending on the type of ride and certainly for longer rides, you should bring something to eat. Longer rides will include a cafe stop, however, it is still useful to carry something extra, such as flapjack, bananas, or energy bars.

Money: for that cafe stop or emergency.

Appropriate clothing: It is important that you have the right clothing on for the time of year. In the cooler months make sure you have enough layers on as sometimes when out it will be necessary to stop ( for punctures and mechanicals etc.) and it is important to stay warm as we may be far away from home when this happens.

When riding in the group

Ride as close to the wheel in front of you, as you are comfortable with; this helps keep the whole group in a nice neat formation and will also keep you out of the wind and save energy. It may be a little difficult at first, but try not to look at the wheel in front, look up at the back of the rider in front, where you will have better vision.

When on the front it is important to ride at the same pace as the person next to you. If not this will disrupt the rhythm of the whole group. Your front wheel should never be riding in front of the person next to you and vice versa.

Club runs are not a race: Although there are members who do race, club runs are not the place for this. We ride together and under no circumstances is it acceptable to start sprinting at the front or chasing Strava segments. Do that in your own training time.

Being new to a group it is normal to be a little nervous. But please relax,  keep your eyes in the direction that you are riding. Also try not to brake suddenly, you have people riding behind you.

If you have a problem with your bike, get a puncture, or struggle with the pace, please tell someone. Nobody ever gets left behind and we will always stop and help with mechanicals and punctures.

Pointing out obstacles: With the roads in their current state and other various hazards it's important to let other riders know of any approaching obstacles. This is usually done via hand signals and a shout. So if somebody points to the floor, that will indicate a pot hole coming up, the riders in front will point to the left or the right depending on the side the hole is. If the rider in front puts their arm across their back, this is to indicate that a car/obstruction is on the inside and there is a need to move out to avoid it.

If you are ever unsure of anything on the ride, always ask a member - we support each other.

All we want is for you to enjoy the ride, improve as a rider, reach your goals and keep coming back.