Club Kit

  • Short Sleeve Jersey
  • Long Sleeve Jersey
  • Bib Shorts

Our club jerseys are made of the latest materials from Italy and hand-made in europe to the highest specification. Our cycling kit has been designed with the club cyclist in mind.

The kit is made from Mayka, a very popular microfibre material manufactured by Miti. The honeycomb look of the fabric provides it with excellent wicking properties and helps to regulate temperature. The jersey is SPF50+ so it is ideal for protecting the body from the sun, although you should still use sun block.

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S/S jersey, 3 open pockets, 1 zip pocket - £50.00
L/S jersey, fleece lined, 3 open pockets, 1 zip pocket - £56.00
Bib shorts - £62.00
Bib tights, roubaix lined, winter tights - £71.00
3/4 bib tights, roubaix lined, winter tights - £68.00
Atom gilet, 3 open pockets, reflective pixel - £56.00
Atom jacket, lightweight, water resistant, windproof, breathable - £67.40
Winter jacket, water resistant, fleece lined, 3 open pockets, 1 zip pocket - £105.80


Chest: 78-82
Waist: 71-72
Chest: 83-88
Waist: 73-78
Chest: 89-94
Waist: 79-84
Chest: 95-100
Waist: 84-90
Chest: 101-106
Waist: 91-96
Chest: 107-112
Waist: 97-102
Chest: 113-118
Waist: 103-108
Chest: 119-122
Waist: 109-113
Chest: 123-128
Waist: 114-120


Chest: 77-80
Waist: 61-64
Chest: 81-84
Waist: 65-68
Chest: 85-88
Waist: 69-72
Chest: 89-92
Waist: 73-76
Chest: 93-96
Waist: 77-80
Chest: 97-100
Waist: 81-84
Chest: TBA
Waist: TBA
Chest: TBA
Waist: TBA
Chest: TBA
Waist: TBA

Washing Instructions

The club kit garments are handmade and treated with the greatest care from start to finish. Treating your kit in the same way will prolong its life.

Once an item has been worn the manufacturer recommends washing it immediately. Sweat and dirt can breakdown the technical structures in your garments.

The manufacturer also recommends washing all kit on a 30C degree wash on the lowest possible spin speed with all garments zipped up.

Leave all garments to drip dry and use only a biodegradable (non-biological) detergent and avoid use of fabric softeners as this can also break down technical fibres.

Most importantly please do not wash your kit with any garments containing velcro as this will damage your kit during the washing process.